We’ll Write Your Alt Text

Stop Ignoring Image Optimization

Super Effective

There are two big reasons alt text is crucial:
  • 1. Traffic from image search
  • 2. Site accessibility for visually-impaired users
The positive effects of adding alt text to most images on your site are very well documented. See our collection of case studies below.

Great ROI

We get it. Who has a budget for image optimization?

Consider this: Say every new alt nets you 1 new user per month via image search. That means 12 new users per year per image.

At 10 cents per alt, that means $.008 per visit per year -- or an $8.33 eCPM.

Skip the Most Boring💩 Part of SEO

"63% of users who click on an image then visit the website."

Source: Hoost Intelligence via Search Engine Journal

"Over the last 5 months, nearly 53% of my total searches have come in the form of image searches! I don’t know about you, but when I think about inbound searches to my site, I’m always thinking in terms of keywords, not images. As it turns out, I probably ought to pay more attention to image optimization than I currently do!"

Source: Personified